Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helicopter rides in Bangalore

Many businessmen frequently visit Bangalore, both national and international visitors, who find that they cannot have more than 2-3 meetings per day because of the traffic and also the fact that the airport is so far away from the city. Many of them set up 4-5 meetings but end up having on 2 or 3 meetings. They end up canceling the other meetings. Otherwise, they end up staying a day extra.

The idea is to provide helicopter rides from building tops across various points in Bangalore city. The service should include a taxi ride from those buildings to various destinations. This will reduce the travel time and thereby one could have a productive and effective time while conducting business in Bangalore.

Paint the town new

This is applicable to only those who are filthy rich and want to do something worthwhile with their money.

Each town and city has many old buildings, both public and private. The idea is freely offer the services of painting them new with nice colors to give them an aesthetic look. Recently I went to Chennai and saw a metro station. It is an elaborate building and looks quite nice. But it is in extremely shabby condition. If one were to paint it nice, it would become a major landmark and add to beauty of the city.

Just go around the city, you will see many building which require a free paint. Go ahead and splurge your money for a good cause.

A clean mutton shop

While there are few really neat and clean chicken shops coming up, I don’t see the same happening to mutton shops. The mutton shops continue to be very dirty. It is usually a very horrifying experience each time to visit those shops.

The idea is to have a series of mutton shops which looks and feel like regular shops, where the shopkeepers handle the meat using some gloves, and use a really neat meat cutter to give you the meat you want on a scale which is really clean.

Free websites for Indian businesses

Many businesses in India do not have good websites. Some businesses do not even have a website. Some businesses who do have a minimal website do not serve the purpose. While trying to buy a mechanical component for our product, I could easily pick and choose the one I wanted from a Taiwanese website, only to realize after few months that there was a company few kilometers away which had the same component at a cheaper price. The only reason I didn't buy the component from this Indian business is because they didn't have a website.

The other time while discussing with a major Indian business, I found that they do not display their components on the website. The only way to do business with them is to visit their office or get a brochure mailed to us. That would take few days to arrange for. Meanwhile, a Chinese company had posted all their components on the website along with the pricing. It was easier to order it online right away.

Therefore, I believe that there is a case for freely creating websites for Indian businesses for a certain period of time. I believe that once these businesses realize the importance and potential of these websites, they would pay for it.

So what I am suggesting is this. Go ahead and make a visit to these businesses and offer to create a very user-friendly website where in you will take the information that is already available in printed brochures and put it up on the website with all the contact and payment information online. Tell them that you are going to do this for free. But after say 6 months or 1 year, you will start charging them only if these businesses wish to continue to have the website.


This blog will list all the ideas I get time to time. There is no copyright on these ideas. You are free to use them if it make sense to you. If anyone is interest in posting their ideas on this website, they can sent it to me, and if I feel they are worth it, I will publish them.