Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helicopter rides in Bangalore

Many businessmen frequently visit Bangalore, both national and international visitors, who find that they cannot have more than 2-3 meetings per day because of the traffic and also the fact that the airport is so far away from the city. Many of them set up 4-5 meetings but end up having on 2 or 3 meetings. They end up canceling the other meetings. Otherwise, they end up staying a day extra.

The idea is to provide helicopter rides from building tops across various points in Bangalore city. The service should include a taxi ride from those buildings to various destinations. This will reduce the travel time and thereby one could have a productive and effective time while conducting business in Bangalore.

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  1. Hey. why u r not continuing this blog.... plz share some more ideas... nice to see here..

    DO one thing.. atleast collect ideas which is suitable for indian market and place here..

    If u continue in this way many people can visit and they will encourage lot..